Dream Chaser Tattoos & Body Piercings

Professional Tattoo & Piercing, servicing the Lexington, KY and Danville, KY communities

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There are multiple ways you can get in contact with one of our team members here at Dream Chaser Tattoos & Body Piercings. As always, feel free to stop into one of our shops to speak with someone on our staff, give us a call at either of our locations for more information, by sending us a message on our social media websites, or even by sending us an email. Also make sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if any of the answers to your questions are there.

Dream Chaser – The Trinity
159 E Reynolds Rd Suite B
Lexington, Kentucky 40517

Dream Chaser – The Ink Dot
710 S 4th St
Danville, Kentucky 40422